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Newton, Utah
-Nubian, Lamancha & Nigerian Dwarfs
May 12, 2007
Thank you for your interest in our show! We are a small group of dairy goat breeders from Utah that decided in the fall of 2005 to start putting on a show so there would be 'at least one more show' in our beautiful state.
The Following are the rules of the show. If you would like an entry form please write me at:
I can either email you a printable copy or if you send me your address I can get a hard copy out to you right away!

General information: This is a two ring ADGA sanctioned Senior Doe, Junior Doe and Buck show thus;
ADGA RULES SHALL GOVERN. Senior Does, Junior Does and Bucks are seperately sanctioned. As this is a "Fuzzy" Show animals shall not be clipped. You may clip udders and feet.
Judges are Ring 1: Ziggy Ginest, Cody, WY
                                          Ring 2: Marie Perkins-Layman, Salem, OR            
      Breeds Sanctioned and Show Order:
Sr. & Jr. Does: Recorded Grades, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf,
Oberhasli, Nubian, Saanen and AOP.
Bucks: Lamancha, Nubian and AOP.
Location: The Cache County Fairgrounds. 400 South 500 West, Logan, Utah.
Base Date: The base date is the date of the show, May 12th, 2007
Class #     1: One year and Under Two, in milk.
      2: Two years and under three.
        3: Three years and under Four.
      4: Four years and under Five.
5: Five years and older.   
Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion

                   6: Champion Challange/Best of Breed    
Best Udder of Breed

Best Doe in Show
Best Udder in Show

7: Junior Kid (Born April & May 2007)
                            8: Intermediate Kid (Born Feb. & March 2007)
                              9: Senior Kid (Born September, 2006-Jan. 2007)
                                       10: Junior Yearlings (Born May 13th, 2006-August 2006)
                                11: Yearlings (One year and under two, not in milk.)

Junior Champian
Junior Reserve Champion

Junior Best Doe in Show

Buck Show #     12: Junior Kid (Born April & May 2007)                           
                        13: Intermediate Kid (Born Feb. & March 2007)
                          14: Senior Kid (Born September, 2006-Jan. 2007)
                                             15: Junior Yearlings (Born May 13th, 2006-August 2006)       
Junior Champian
Junior Reserve Champion

           16: one year and under two.              
                      17: Two years and under three.                    
                        18: Three years and under four.                      
                                 19: Four years and under Five.                                
                          20: Five years and older.                                  

Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion

Best Buck in Show
Milk Out: There will be no pre-show milk out. However, Over
uddering is harmful to your animals and will be greatly discriminated against!
Milk Disposal: Milk is to be disposed of in a designated area.
Disposal area will be posted.
Animal arrival/release times: All animals are to be in place on the grounds and checked in with the show secretaries no later than one hour before show time and are to remain in place until the Best of Show animal has been selected.
Check-in: Check-in times will be Friday May 11th, 2007 from 4-10pm
and Saturday May 12th, 2007 from 6-8am.
Health Papers: It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to know the requirements of transporting animals within the state of Utah. All animals will be inspected upon arrival, before being unloaded, for signs of contagious abscesses, any infectious conditions or diseases in any stage. Disputes will be resolved by a licensed veterinarian at the expense
of the exhibitor.
Disclaimer: Neither the show comittee, the Cache County fair grounds nor anyone representing the above will
be held responsible for illness, injury, damage or loss of animals, persons or property. So please be responsible.
If you have any questions or conserns please contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!!!
Entry Fees & Forms: All fees and forms are to be postmarked no later than April 28th, 2007 (Two weeks prior to the show). However they may still be submitted thereafter but the $5 late fee will be applied.
Entry fee: $5 per goat per ring
Pen fee: $7 per pen. (6x6)
*A $5 late fee will be applied to forms postmarked after April 28th, 2007
Please note: You may make any substitutions or additions during check-in periods.