Dam: Sapphire Blue Juanita
DOB: 03/17/2002     Championship Legs: 0

SS: *B Reuel Rufus' J.J. Rory
Sire: PRL-Ponderosa Mike's Montana
SD: Reuel Fancy's Blue Fay
DS: *B Iron-Owl TDL Hoodoo
Dam: Sapphire Blue Juanita
DD: PRL-Ponderosa Lady Bey
Nadine, another beutiful, powerful Montana Daughter!  I love just about everything about this doe!
She excells in breed caricter, length of body and body capacity. And she has an udder to go with it,
high wide and very well attached! I kinda jyped her this last year by drying her off early so she has
gotten a little fat!  But so far she has been making a good effort to milk it all off and get into
LA Scores: 05; VAE+84
E in: Front & Rear Legs
V in: Feet & Udder
Daughter: Sapphire Blue Wanita